antykoncepcja - Angielski?

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Napisano 13-11-2012 20:23
, przez bufu95
Put the verbs in brackets into the past continous or the past simple.
1. We ...... (go) swimming every week when we were young.
2. Simon ....... (dance) when he fell and hurt his leg.
3. Why ............ (you/laugh) all through your history lesson yesterday?
4. I ....... (drink) a glass of milk every day when I was child.
5. Todd often ...... (ride) horses when he was a boy.
6. Bill ...... (write) a letter when he was a boy.
7. It ..... (rain) while I was waiting for the bus.
8. I .... (play) the guitar when I was young, but I don't any more.
9. Debbie ..... (sing) in the school choir many years ago.
10. Liz .... (clean) the windows when I saw her.
2. Należy połączyć zdania za pomocą słów z ramek. Proszę użyć czasu Past Perfect i Past Simple ( w jednym zdaniu).
1.I found a solution to my problem. Then, I felt happier.
2.The boys finished their homework. Then, they went out to play.
3.He locked the door. Then, the telephone rang.
4.Sarah washed the dishes. Then, her husband arrived.
(by the time)
5.The concert finished. Then, the fans left the stadiumm
6.The play started. Then, Henry arrived at the theatre.
(already, when)