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Opis Londynu po angielsku...
Napisano 30-04-2006 09:44
, przez wolfik
Jesli mozecie to pomozcie.Potrzebuje opis Londynu po angielsku.Tekst moze miec kolo 100-120 słow.W zasadzie potrzebuje to co najwazniejsze.Czyli jakie zabytki znajduja sie w Londynie itp no i jakie dzielnice.Zreszta mozecie cos od siebie jeszcze dorzucic.(jakies atrakcje turystyczne np muzea itp)
Z góry wielkie dzięki.
London is a wonderful place to be !It ...
Napisano 18-06-2019 17:33:01
, przez zadane
Sprobuj na Pisza ponad 2000 odpowiedzi dziennie!
London is a wonderful place to be !It ...
Napisano 30-04-2006 11:30
, przez Andariel
London is a wonderful place to be !It has museums with priceless exhibits, old markets, clean green parks an the best shops and night clubs in Europe, There is something for everyone.
London is on the River Thames about 40 miles from the sea. It was founded by the Romans in AD 43 and became a succesful and important city. After 1066 William the Conqueror constructed one of the most famous landmarks of the city - the Tower of London. In 1500 it had a population of 50,000 and was much bigger than the original medieval boundaries, Shakeseare's theatre was built within this new area of London.
In 1666 the Great Fire destroyed nearly all the city. It was once more ruined during the second world war, when bombs destroyed the docklands
New London has around 7 milion people living in around it. It is a financial and cultural centre but it is probably most famous for being the home of the british monarchy. You can see the changing of the guard everyday outside buckingham palace
London also has some of the world's best departament stores including Harrods. But the most visited place is the british museum with exhibits from all over the world. In the evening you can go to one of the many theatres and see one of the many musicals . You can travel on the bus, train, the underground or taxi to get to different places in the centre ond around the town. London has 3 main airports: Heathrow which is the biggest, Gatwick and Stansted
London is a wonderful place to be !It...
Napisano 05-08-2016 12:50
, przez FejsOpisy
hej, na stronie jest wiele opisów po angielsku, powinieneś coś znaleźć dla siebie:)

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